RtA x 21 Savage

RtA and 21 Savage are both aligned on the fact that our art is an ongoing process, a journey of constant improvement.

With our aesthetic, we were able to execute a vision of elevating 21 Savage's footing in the fashion world.

Our primary logo was a play on his tattooed dagger and our iconic cross. Throughout the collection it features a hand drawn dagger replacing the at center.

Savage's upcoming album plays on the duality of friend and enemy. As a brand we are big on duality and contrast. We align on how one's internal mindset can be our best asset or worst nightmare. We've incorporated this design concept into our denim.
The phrase 'Accepting the past to be present in my future’ from Savage resonates with our brand ethos, as we use the growth from our past experiences to propel us along our journey. This accentuates our strive in making progress and bettering our individual self.